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We at COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICES, INC. are proud of the achievements we have developed through clients we serve. Not only do we have the ability, equipment and highly skilled personnel to be a COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICE, but we also will perform each project large or small to the complete satisfaction of the client. Our growth can be traced to many fine clients who have honored CMS with increasing responsibilities in performing larger and more complex projects. We will strive to make positive changes to further broaden and intensify the scope of our masonry services.

The Young Boy and the Masons

I remember the day in my early life
When the bulldozer came my way
With belching smoke and spewing track
A hole was dug that day.
I watched amazed as a boy will do
And early the following morn,
Found me right there with open eyes
To watch a new building born.
Masons they were, as I was told
Marched down the muddy ramp,
To bring to life a new building fair
From the mud and the earth and the damp.
They worked and they strained and by the sweat of their brow
The walls began to rise;
Their cries of "mud" and "line up now"
Brought walls toward the skies.
As they toiled they gave this part of their life
And I wondered in my mind,
Is the world really aware of their strife
Or is mankind really blind.
These beautiful men with their sunbaked skin
And their trowel and level and bob,
Stand high and mighty in the world's din
To create is their only job.
As I watched and wondered and studied their ways,
I came to greatly admire them all,
And I wondered if in my future days
I would be able to stand as tall.
True men they were with a will to win
With the strength of a craftsman's mind,
Determined to share and do their part
To build shelter for all mankind.
And I made up my mind as I watched this sight
Which way my life would go.
I knew that I liked the mason's fight
To help make the world grow.
I knew that when a man I'd be
To construct would be my life,
To build for all the world to see
To give all men the reward of my strife.
For when I'm old and my prime is past
It will be very important to me,
That some of what I've done will last
For my children's children to see.

Eldred G. Heidschmidt

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